Why study in India?

India has a lot to offer to its International Students. Not only in terms of education but also the overall experience of living and studying in India is incredible.

According to several surveys conducted on international students, they find India a place worth travelling primarily for the following reasons:


Traveling in India can never be tiresome. Thanks to the plenty of modes of travel the country offers its visitors. Irrespective of whichever state or city you wish to travel in India, there is always an easy commute mode that you can opt for and at a pocket-friendly price.


With its concept of “Atithi Devo Bhava”, foreign students are treated as guests here in India. In almost every state of the country, you will find a huge number of international students being welcomed with wholeheartedness by its residents.

Citizens Of India

Indian citizens, especially the youth, are well-known for their friendly nature. Irrespective of which nation you come from, your religion, your ethnicity, the Indian youngsters are friendly and available to help every student at any given point of the day or night.

Indian Culture

India is a nation of mixed cultures. Every culture has its own beliefs and unique customs. However, the common among all is humanity. International students in Indian experience great hospitality, warmth and generosity.

Price Competitiveness

When it comes to living expenses in India, international students often refer to the country as the least expensive in comparison to Singapore, UK, and the US. Be it the tuition fees, rental housing services, food services or any other essentials, prices of each are competitive and suit the pockets of almost every student.

Everything Combined

India can be ideally called a nation of multi-comfort. Be it cuisine or seasons, there is a range here for students. The nation experiences all four seasons - spring, summer, monsoon and winter. Unlike other countries which are either generally hot or cold all through the year, Indian climate and its timely seasonal changes make life easier in India.

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