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An Indian visa will be granted to you after you have met the prerequisites and proof yourself eligible to study in India. You need to detail out all information about your intention to study in India and related plans.

The major criteria to obtain this visa is an admission letter from the university/institute you have enrolled in India for a specific course. In case your course is supported by a scholarship scheme, you need to also provide details of the same.

In rare circumstances, India may also issue provisional student visas for students who are unable to submit an admission letter for valid reasons. This visa is valid for 3 months and international students need to submit an admission letter within these 3 months to study in India.


As every country follows varied norms of immigration, there may be slight variations in the prerequisites of obtaining the visa. However, the below-mentioned points apply to all students aiming for an Indian student visa:
• You must have a valid passport with a valid of 6 months
• You must be able to prove your nationality and identity through authentic and varied documents
• You must demonstrate good health through a medical certificate
• You must express an intention to enter the country righteously and leave the nation before the expiry of the visa
• You must be able to manage your stay in India without any financial dependency upon the Indian Government.

Groceries & Utilities

Supermarkets, grocery stores, wholesale and retail stores are available almost at every corner of the Hyderabad city. These stores sell goods at the market price, adhering to consumer satisfaction goals.

For students who find it difficult to run store to store to buy their essentials or groceries, service providers like BigBasket, Grofers, Amazon, etc. come to the rescue. You can shop for all types of groceries at these stores at offer prices, right from the comfort of your home.

Meal Facilities

While students who know to cook may never face difficulties anywhere across the globe, what about those who don’t? Hyderabad has ample solutions for this. There are restaurants here that offer monthly meal packages and daily meal packages. You can register for food services with them and get your meal delivered at your doorstep every hour before your mealtime.

Also, there are options like Swiggy, Zomato, etc. that list down the best restaurants around you from which you can choose your favorite food and get it delivered to your doorstep, all under food safety norms.

Cost of Living in Hyderabad (Approx. Values as of March 2020)

Factors Cost for Individual Students (in INR, p.m)Cost for Couple Students (in INR, p.m)
Meals & Food5,000-7,00014,000-16,000

Disclaimer: These are approx. values given for the basic understanding of living expenses in Hyderabad, and not to be misinterpreted as final values. The data is subjected to change from time to time and differs from place to place.

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